All we have are memories, we can’t remember

I am utterly exhausted. This weekend has been worth it though, it was a pleasure to watch Beans on Toast play every night and also get to play my songs in front of people. If I were to choose a favourite gig, Glasgow would get the prize. Thanks to Tragical History Tour, Daniel Versus the World and Shambles Miller for providing extra support during the weekend.

Last night was a whole pile of fun with the band being on top-form. I know that we pulled it off since after getting off stage we were offered a support slot at a gig for Japan Tsunami Appeal with Mitchell Museum. This will be Tuesday 3rd of May at the 13th Note, and is a fiver entry.

The weekend before hand, I’m heading out around Scotland with the truly awesome Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun. They are just fresh from a tour supporting some guy called Frank Turner and we’ll be hitting Ayr, Aberdeen and Dunfermline. Full details (maps, supports etc) are on the gigs page.

Moving on to June, I can now announce that I’m going to be once again supporting The Indelicates on Friday the 3rd of June. We’ll also be joined with the lovely Anna Madeleine on the night (and I’ll be playing with her the next night in Ayr). Again, full details are on the gigs page. This is pretty weird for me as the tickets are selling ferociously fast, so if you plan on coming along please buy in advance.

Finally, the band and I are heading down to Greenock to play at the Tall Ships Festival. We’ll be appearing on Saturday the 9th of July. I’m still waiting to hear where the stage will be located, but from what we hear it’ll be an outdoor stage on the Harbour side. I’m dead excited about this!.

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