A week is along time

It feels like so much longer than a week since we released As You Are.I’m sitting down now to take stock of all the kind words that people have written (or said over the airwaves via radio), and all the help we got from people unconnected to the single through re-tweets, comments and blogs. This is all amazing for us, and genuinely makes us happy. We’re an independent DIY, unheard of band, so it is a massive help to have people talk to their friends and followers about us, and that can’t be understated.

And, of course, we absolutely love the people who went out and parted with money for the single (and in some cases the EP with b-sides). Thank you so much.

Oh, and that reminds me, my friend Last Year’s Girl is bringing Franz Nicolay back to Glasgow on Thursday night. She is running a buddy ticket scheme (like what we did with our show in June), where you can buy a £12 ticket and bring a friend along (making your tickets cheaper than the £8 fee. Well worth considering for this gig and its line-up. Apparently, there’s an unannounced act, with a single to push, opening the show. Tickets available here: http://lastyearscabaret-rss.eventbrite.co.uk/?ebtv=C

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