A new old beginning

This coming week is shaping up to be pretty busy. Today has been marked in the diary as an “RFPB Work Day” for a wee while now. While I am currently sitting in my pyjamas looking at reddit, in a little moment I’m going to get dressed and head over to Producer/Crew/Guitar player extraordinaire Gareth’s house to start the day. Later, we meet the rest of the band and go to LoFi Studios in Glasgow for a rehearsal. Finally we go for a late night video and photo-shoot for the album.

Monday is then a day of rest before four nights of playing music in a row. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are spent at Cerberus, first for the fortnightly Acoustic Night, and secondly for the gig with Joshua Caole and Mark McCabe. The next night, Thursday, is down in Edinburgh at The Forest Cafe, again with Joshua and Mark, but also with Davey Nolan joining us. Finally, I go from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast (flipping Gangsta Signs as I go) and play with the Renegade Folk Punk Band in Greenock at The Old Bank Bar.

Then on Saturday I rest before flying to Germany on Sunday.

In other news, our illustrious drummer Woody has been announced as an endorser of SilverFox Drum Sticks . In the next instalment, he’ll tell you all about what this means and why he’s currently swimming in a pool of drum sticks.

Finally, there’s been a re-jig of the website (for technically minded people, it boils down to a switch from blogger to wordpress). There will still be a few bugs here and there, so please let me know if you find anything. Or indeed, if it looks absolutely swell, please let me know too (leave a comment below, hint hint).

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