A classic night out

Another tour diary-esque entry for the blog (are people ok with this?)

Really happy with how Thursday turned out for the band. We were supporting Miles Hunt and Erica Knockalls of The Wonder Stuff in Glasgow. A slightly cut-down band from us due to our most famous rock-star member, Kenny Leckie of Carnivores, playing with his band in Paisley instead. It’s not often we get our own dressing room, let alone a dressing room with a case of beer, and even let alone a dressing room that’s bigger than the venue itself (and the headline act’s room!).

Anyways, we loaded in, sound-checked and went for dinner together. This is the part of being in a band I like, being in it as a group/mob/team and going through what is going to happen. We rehearsed a while before show time (including a ditched Springsteen cover and new arrangement of The Sinner and Saints, with some transitions between some songs).

Watched as the room filled up nicely, it wasn’t uber-busy, but enough people to give that lovely applaud sound that bands love to hear.

Decided to play a different set to the one we’ve been doing recently. Added a couple old songs in the form of Paradise (This City) and My Mothers House, and the relatively new (but perhaps never played?) High Fidelity. People seemed to like the set and we all had fun playing it.

After the gig, we hung out with Miles and Erica, drank a lot, were convinced to go with them the next day to act as support again (but due to a few things in the cruel light of morning, this couldn’t happen), and then danced the night away. Brilliant times.

Hopefully the next couple of gigs will continue in this vein, they are:

  • Sunday 29th May, 2011 Thomsons Bar Dundee
    • Info: Free, With Chris T-T, Map,
  • Friday 3rd June, 2011 13th Note Glasgow
  • Saturday 4th June, 2011 Libertine Ayr
    • Info: £3, With Anna Madeline, Map,

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