Free whisky and wine?

We’re not in to bribing people, but as well as putting together an amazing bill of local and non-local bands, there will be free whisky and wine in October at our Fifth Year Celebration! First come first served to those coming through the door. We’re also working on a really sweet limited-edition T-shirt design for the gig. The tickets are on sale now, and you should hurry up and buy them!

Dave performing live in SheffieldI’m just back from a lovely weekend playing shows in York, Sheffield and Nottingham. This was my first English solo tour for quite a few years, and it felt good. York was a last minute show put together by the lovely Jonny Gill (appearing at the Five Year Gig!), in the wonderful Black Swan Inn. A lovely intimate show with an attentive crowd to kick things off. Then, it was off to Sheffield for a rowdy pub show in the Royal Standard. These two shows were different sides of the same coin, and hard to work out which one I preferred more. Finally it was off to Nottingham for the show that instigated the previous two nights. For an all day show, with many acts, booked back in February, it was very, very quiet, but I think I managed to make it enjoyable enough for myself and those who came to see me.

While I finish off the new acoustic record in the studio, it is back to RFPB live gigging mode, with a few shows coming up in the next month. First up is the small task of Gareth and Lynne’s Wedding, where we unleash our covers set on the world! Full details of all other (public) gigs are on the gigs page.