Fairwell to 2013

This weekend was the first weekend in ages that I’ve been able to sit at home and do nothing. It was ace. Have to say thanks to everyone who came out to the Chris T-T shows last week in Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The spinning of plates that went on in the organisation of the shows seemed to have paid off, mostly. Many thanks to The Jellyman’s Daughter and Benny Monteux for coming along on the shows too. Prior that, the band and I send our thanks to Simon and Cat in Dunfermline for a lovely show at Monty’s to end the RFPB 2013, and to Boab at Punk Rock Rammy for the wonderful support slot with Larry and His Flask and Crazy Arm.

2014 is in the works now, with plans to tour the UK more regularly, get the band over to the states for some East Coast shows, and a solo tour of some German towns in April. Some of the concerts have already been announced on the gigs page. This excites me tremendously.

Oh, and we’ve also got the small task of recording our new EP, entitled “Doctors and Dates” and everything that comes with that. It is getting released through our friends at Different Circle Records.

This year seems to have flown by, with two journeys around the UK to promote our album “In Death Do We Part?” which we released in March (and sold out its initial run in November), my three month trip to New York, re-modelling the band and playing some of our best shows ever. Yeah, there were crap points, but that’s the same with every year.

Now, since we’re at the end of it, it seems like the only thing to do is compile some top 5 lists.


  1. Lucy Ward – Single Flame
  2. Billie Joe & Norah – Foreverly
  3. Christy Moore – Where I come From
  4. Larry and his Flask – By the Lamp Light
  5. The Indelicates – Diseases of England

Special mention to Mark McCabe’s album which I was sent this year, but not released till next year. It’s spectacular.

Concerts Attended

  1. Mischief Brew @ Grand Victory, Brooklyn, 27th September
  2. Loudon Wainwright @ Royal Concert Hall, 10th May
  3. Bruce Springsteen @ Hampden, 18th June
  4. Greg Holden @ Rockwood Music Hall, 12th September
  5. Algernon Doll @ 13th Note, 13th June

Concerts Played

  1. Camden Head, Camden with The Indelicates & Keith ToTP
  2. King Tuts, Glasgow, with Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun
  3. The Lamb, Devizes
  4. The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
  5. Cerberus, Dundee,  with Oxygen Thief & Mark McCabe

Onwards to 2014!


Have a great Christmas, Hogmanay and we’ll see you in 2014.

Larry and His Flask, Crazy Arm and Chris T-T

I had a wonderful time on Friday for my gig in Inverness. Apologies that it was a flying trip, I had stuff that I needed to attend to in Dundee. Part of that ‘stuff’ was the wonderful Make That A Take’s Book Yer Ane Fest. I was merely a spectator on Saturday, catching the acoustic pre-show at Cerberus then a whole number of amazing acts at Kage through the day.Then, for 20 minutes on Sunday, I played my set. A mixture of having a bad cold/cough, hangover and other ‘stuff’ made for an interesting set. I may have fallen in to the trap that Chris T-T wrote about the other day, and if i did, I can only apologise. It wasn’t on purpose, and aside from that, I had a lovely day. It’s an almost perfect celebration of DIY Punk Rock.

Upcoming gigs with Larry and his flask

Upcoming gigs with Larry and his flask

Looking forwards, we wrap up RFPB activities for another year with some amazing upcoming gigs. First up is a show at Audio in Glasgow on Friday with Larry and His Flask, Crazy Arm and Broken Stories. Then, on Saturday, we get in the Nissan Micra-cosm and head off to Dunfermline to Monty’s Rock Bar for our last headline show of 2013.

Hell, if Mark McCabe can have his Album launch show in Huddersfield, we can close out 2013 in Dunfermline. Winky face dot com of course.

Upcoming gigs with Chris T-T

Musical activities for 2013 come to a close for me the following week when I head out for three solo dates with all round good guy, and largest influence on my ‘modern’ writing Chris T-T. We’re playing at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle on Tuesday, then Pivo in Edinburgh on Wednesday, and I then finish out the year in style with our show at Roxy 171 in Glasgow.

On a note about these Chris T-T shows, any help to get the word out about them would be much appreciated. I have created this ‘tour’ poster for our shows, which you could share on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Pinterest. Hell, do this and I’ll work out how to get you in to the show for cheaper.

Upcoming gigs with Chris T-T