Blowing off the cobwebs

I’ve been in New York for a month exactly today. I’m having an utterly amazing time, learning how to live in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. It was only a matter of time before I started playing a few shows here and there, which is the reason I’m posting this blog.

Tonight is my American d├ębut show at the Rockwood Music Hall on Allen St in Manhattan. I’m on first at 6pm and it’s a free entry show. I’ve got more stomach butterflies than I normally would for this type of show, but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience. I was at the venue last week to see Greg Holden play his final residency date. That was fabulous.

Then, in October, I am able to check off an item on my bucket list by playing a show in Asbury Park (New Jersey). On Tuesday 8th of October, I shall be doing a headline show at The Saint on Main St. I couldn’t be more excited about this if I tried!

I have added all the details that I have about the shows to the gigs page, with hopefully more details and gigs to be added! I have even bought myself a second hand guitar to play these shows, which sounds lovely.

Second hand 'Dean dreadnought' guitar that I've bought to do these shows. Bargain at $150 plus hardcase.

Second hand ‘Dean dreadnought’ guitar that I’ve bought to do these shows. Bargain at $150 plus hardcase.