iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all the rest

I keep forgetting to mention that, alongside the physical release on Monday 3rd of June, the new album “In Death Do We Part?” will also be released through all the main digital¬†distributors. This includes iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, eMusic and countless others that I’ve not even heard of before!


Obviously, these places are the subject of much¬†consternation¬†between artists and profiteers. I’m not expecting to get rich/charted/Xmas number one, but I do know from previous releases that a large proportion of you prefer to buy through these routes. Also, as my two-cents, Spotify pays a lot better than people would let you know. It’s not great and greatly needs improved for independent acts, but as the saying goes “a percentage of something is better than a percentage of fuck all”.

If you prefer to purchase music in a fashion that helps the bands directly, I, one again direct you towards our lovely In Death Do We Part? Webpage which we run and sell directly.

Many thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered already, we appreciate it with all our hearts. We hope you enjoy receiving your packages next week.

In Death Do We Part? CD Pre-orders and Options

We are happy to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for the expanded CD DigiPak version of “In Death Do We Part?” featuring four freshly recorded bonus tracks: My Mother’s House, Walk You Home, Midnight Walks and The Wild Rover.

A pre-order allows you to guarantee getting a copy (we’re only doing a short run), and also helps us get over the last financing hurdle (since we’re existing outside the normal music industry ‘scene’). Putting out a physical CD is expensive, which was the main reason we did Digital-Only first.

It’s not just a normal pre-order for a wee CD though, we’ve created whole bunch of special options for you. Things start simple with just the CD (and a digital copy), and escalate through bundles with T-shirts, patches, gig tickets, and end with a FULL BAND RFPB EXPERIENCE IN YOUR BACKGARDEN.

Everything is laid out nicely on our In Death Do We Part? webpage, and needless to say, we will be grateful for every pre-order we get. We’re already tits over arse in love with everyone who has pre-ordered already!

The CD will be sent out (along with bundles) on the 3rd of June.