Not quite Brazzers

On Saturday, being the scientist that I am, I carried out an experiment in to broadcasting a live gig from my bedroom. Expecting to be playing songs by myself to no-one, I was pleasantly surprised when I got 25 people tuning in at it’s peak.

I had planned a 30 minute slot or so, but before I knew it an hour was up. People who were watching joined in using the #davesonlinegig hash-tag and also on the facebook page, where requests for covers and my own songs were left. I think people enjoyed themselves.

It was all very last minute, so a lot of people missed out. To fix this (and a few of the issues people had joining in), I’ve decided to repeat it all again a week on Wednesday (25th April) at 20:00GMT. I’ll be broadcasting through the same page on the website, and people can use the hashtag, facebook again. I’ve also added a chat widget below the video window to make it much easier and instant. I really hope you can make it, bring your own booze etc.

In other news, I finally finished the video diary from my tour with Emma Hallows and Woody, which you can watch below. The headline show in Glasgow is just two weeks away and tickets are selling well, if you plan on coming, please get your tickets soon.

Headline Show Update!

Tomorrow marks one month to go until my show at the 13th Note in Glasgow with Emma Hallows and Algernon Doll. I’m pretty happy to be able to tell you now though, that due to a number of circumstances, I’ll have the full Renegade Folk Punk Band backing me up.

Looking back at our previous gig lists, I don’t think we’ve done a proper headline set in Glasgow since like sometime before the Enlightenment, and after the Reformation. We’ll make it worth the wait anyways, with old songs, new songs (we start recording a proper CD on Saturday with a producer and everything), and some little tricks we’ve learnt recently.

Tickets are selling pretty well, so I suggest you don’t wait till the last minute. Remember, we’re selling ‘Buddy Tickets’ for £8 which means you can bring a pal for cheap.
Single Tickets available here:
Buddy Tickets here: