Re-Release Me!

Back in July I released my first album through a label. It was called Despite the Blackout and people seemed to like it. Today the album was given a re-release through the more established stores such as iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. It’ll be on Spotify in a couple of weeks once they get their arses in gear.

If you haven’t got your copy, you can get it through these links (I’ve never used iTunes, but can recommend Amazon highly):
iTunes : (£4.74)
Amazon :  (£4.14)
eMusic (£2.52)
Corporate Records site (pay what you want from £3)

The gig I’m doing in Glasgow with Chris T-T and Franz Nicolay (of The Hold Steady fame) is almost sold out. A couple of days ago there were less than 10 advance tickets left, so I’m sure that stockpile is diminishing. Head over to BrownPaperTickets to get yours now. 
And, Book Yer Ane Fest (the Sunday after that gig) is also selling fast, so if you are Dundee orientated, head over to make-that-a-take’s online shop to grab your tickets. The line-up is astounding. 

A spark to set the world on fire

You would have thought that playing one of our biggest gigs ever would have produced a blog post, but for some reason I completely forgot to update here!

So, anyway, last Thursday we supported the truly wonderful and amazing band The Wonder Stuff. Our line-up was slightly different (Woody was stuck in Vladivostok with Uriah Heap, and my brother Dan stepped in on mandolin) and the song choices might have been a little off, but I think we pulled it off.

RFPB live at Apollo 23, October 2011

Last night I went to Cowdenbeath to play a benefit gig. It was pretty good fun, if a little different to other gigs I do these days. I love playing completely new towns as it is dead easy to get stuck in playing towns and cities on the main transport links. Took me almost two hours to get to Cowdenbeath, including two trains. Sometimes you forget that the UK still has local rail circles. Damn you Dr Beechings, Damn you.

During my rehearsal/preparation for last nights gig (and slightly incensed by Billy Bragg’s current ‘political songwriting doesn’t exist these days’ article), I re-discovered a song that I had written around 10 years ago. Not quite sure of how I used to play it, I blasted out a version, recorded it (with a couple overdubs of harmonica and backing vocals), and uploaded it to sound cloud.

Really hope you find time to listen to it. Even though I wrote it ages ago, it kind of describes my feelings on this whole Occupy protest thing. After The Wonder Stuff gig, my brother and I camped with the Glasgow Occupiers to try and find out more about it, but to be honest, my jury is still out.

My  next gig is 2nd of December with Chris T-T and Franz Nicolay. Half the tickets are already sold, so you’d better hurry. Also, a couple days later is Book yer Ane Fest in Dundee, which I hear is also selling fast. This is my 200th gig. Wow.