St Admiral of Fallow

I’ve got a wee last minute gig on Saturday in Aberdeen. It’s at MUSA, so if you fancy some lovely food and some Brewdog Beer, feel free to pop along. It’s free entry, and a much more acousticy folky gig from me.I was hoping to play another gig up that end of the country, but so far it seems like as promising as a last minute gig in  Hereford. If anyone’s got any contacts/leads let me know, it would help with the travel.

Then, two weeks later it’s the illustrious Beans on Toast tour. I’m dead excited for this and have been planning my set for ages. I need to start playing a couple of the new songs since we’re about to go in to a studio to do the new album and so it would be a good idea to know them inside out.
Beans on Toast tour dates:

  • Friday 1st April – Tunnels 2, Aberdeen, £4
  • Saturday 2nd April – Thomsons Bar, Dundee (just behind The HighSchool of Dundee, near Abertay Union), Free entry
  • Sunday 3rd April – 13th Note, Glasgow, £5

As I mentioned, we’re starting to record the album at the end of May, and so we’re trying to get as much interest drummed up as possible in the run up to release. If you like what we (as in me + Renegade Folk Punk Band) do, please consider ‘sharing’ us with your friends. It would mean the world to me, and help me feel like less of a Elephant in the Room ™. If we hit 200 ‘likes’ on Facebook, we’ll show you what the album (and by default the title) cover looks like.