Better late than never!

Just realised I hadn’t mentioned on here that the Christmas Eve gig has been moved from Slanj to The George in Greenock. Kicks off around 8pm, and as far as I know there are only around 10 tickets remaining or so. I’m dead excited about it as it has all the ingredients of a good night (friends, music, Christmas, and drinks). Full details here.

Also, I mentioned on the Facebook page that the Christmas EP has been delayed. Lots of people are releasing EP’s around this time (I’m particularly looking forward to #iamsantaclaus by Chris T-T, and currently enjoying Roscoe Vacant’s effort). So, instead, I’ll be releasing a wee Hogmanay Single on the 31st of December along with (hopefully) the full tour dates.

The tour is shaping up very nicely, more miles than I’ve ever done before and heading to a couple new towns and venues I’ve never been before.