Not much to report at the moment. We started recording the new album last week, including a track for a secret compilation that ended up sounding great. Looking at the track-listing of which, I felt like an utter imposter being included on!

Some of the band and I will be spending Christmas Eve at Slanj in Greenock as part of a very special Reprobates Xmas Party Night. Due to the rail system shutting down early, it’ll be a very cut down band consisting of only those with ties to Inverclyde, but we’ll make sure it’s a hell of a lot of fun. A few surprises planned already. Free entry, will kick off at 9pm.

Also, as you will know from reading previous updates, the band and I are heading to London in February to play Lexpalooza. On the run up to this, I’m going to be going out on tour with the new album. A rough itinery looks like this:

Fri 4th – Dundee
Sat 5th – Edinburgh
Sunday 6th – Glasgow
Mon 7th – Ireland
Tues 8th – Ireland
Wed 9th – Ireland
Thurs 10th – North West England (or Wales)
Fri 11th – SouthWest England (or Wales)
Sat 12th – Lexpalooza

Just cities at the moment as venues are still to be confirmed. If you want to help with organising a show, please get in touch. I’ll be travelling with Adam Boucher and Adam Bennet, who are pretty good. I’ll be pestering some people I know in the next few days, so go on, pre-empt me.

Something Corporate

If it’s ok with you, I’d rather think that my performance last night didn’t happen. Good. Moving on. Did anyone catch Robert Blake, Jinx Lennon and newportSound last night? They were all very good and made for an entertaining evening.

A few bits of news to get through since I haven’t updated in a while. The Indelicates gig went well, and I’m eagerly awaiting the Live album with all the comedic banter. After the night ended, I was chatting with the awesome Julia and Simon Indelicate about music and stuff, with the outcome of this being that the next DH&RFPB album is going to be released through their own Corporate Records label, I can’t fucking wait!

I started recording the guitars today for it, and so far it’s sounding pretty cool. More like my Connections album in the mix of material than stuff that’s came afterwards. It’s sitting at around 12 tracks, most of them never recorded before, some never even been played live (and a couple that have never been played to the band!). I won’t jinx it with posting a track-listing, but I’m sure people will be happy with what’s going to be on it.

I’m hoping for it all to be done and dusted for an end of January release, so keep a bit of your Christmas money ready for that!

In terms of gigs, I’ve got a couple things coming up. Look ahead to next year, on the 12th of February 2011, the band and I are heading to London to play Lexapalooza Lite. This is going to be off the scale with the currently announced acts (and the promise of Special Guests is always exciting with previous events history!). Aye, so 12th February, Renegade Folk Punk Band, Mark McCabe, Ciaren Lenehan, and many, many more at the Old Queen’s Head in Islington, for Breast Cancer Charity. See for full details of tickets going on sale 9am Monday.

Working backwards, I’m heading up to Aberdeen on the 11th of December to play at MUSA. The promise of some Brewdog Beer tempted me for this. And on the 5th of December I am playing at Thomsons in Dundee with the fantastic Don’t Let Paris Fool You and Just Another Warning. it’s free entry, and going to be dead good.

And finally, please take some time to have a read of this petition and add your name.