Indelicate disposition

Monday nights gig was fun, all acts played great sets and I think everyone who showed up had a good time. Hopefully Evan and Al will be back here soon someday, so that the rest of people can see them play.

Next gig coming up is in Edinburgh on Tuesday at The Southern Bar. It’s for Oxjam and is free entry, starting at 7.30pm. Should be good fun.

My next Glasgow gig is my support slot at The Indelicate‘s Super Special Acoustic Live Album Recording Party. It feels really ace to be asked to do this especially when it comes out of the blue.

It is all happening on Wednesday the 3rd of November at the 13th Note in Glasgow. There aren’t tickets per say, but rather a paid guestlist which you can get on for £3 by emailing

There are also full details of the gig at the customary facebook event page.

Another thing that makes this gig really fucking awesome is that Lou Hickey is also playing. I’ve listened to her music for a few years now, and to be honest, never thought I’d get a chance to play a show with her. People may know her better as the female vocalist in Codeine Velvet Club, but you should really check out her solo stuff.

And, finally, hypothetically, if there was to be a Renegade Folk Punk Christmas party to sign off the year, with cakes and prizes and stuff, who should we get as support acts? Leave a link in comments below.