How to craft a life

I’ve just updated the gig calendar on here with three gigs that I’m excited to be playing. First up is the 18th of October in Glasgow at Gambetta with the legendary Evan Greer, the illustrious Roscoe Vacant and the heroic Al Baker. Kicks off at 8pm and is a fiver entry. Very small venue, so you are advised to get down very early and not bring much luggage.

Next up is in Dundee with Robert Sarazin Blake at Drouthy Neebors on Friday the 12th of November. I’m looking forward to seeing Robert again, it’s been a good number of years since we last met. Also on this bill is Jinx Lennon (from Ireland) and newPortsound (from Newport). Robert is a fantastic performer with great songs sung with passion.

And then, I’ve been invited down to Cardiff to play an Oxjam all day festival on Sunday 14th of November at Koko Gorillaz┬áThis will be off the hook as the wonderful Ben Marwood (who some of you may have seen at 2000 Trees or supporting Frank Turner in Derby and Kendel) and Oxygen Thief (he who brought the rock via acoustic guitar at the Jim Lockey shows earlier in the year).

If I’m not playing near you (these gigs do span most of the country!), please email and we can sort something out.

In another note, I’ve had a couple people, and a fair number of Google searches reaching this site, asking about if the band and I are playing at the Glasgow Oxjam festival this year. Truth is, I don’ t know yet. Since that busking thing at the Barras market, I’ve not heard anything either way but if I do, I’ll let folk know.

Finally the new EP is still available for you to listen to over at bandcamp. I’ve also made it possible to buy a copy on CD from that site. It’s a lovely package. In the last couple days I’ve finished a couple new songs that were in an embryonic phase when I recorded the EP, perhaps I’ll put them out later on. Or hold them back for the band CD. Two of the songs, “How to craft a life” and “White elephant versus the dragon” are sounding pretty good at the moment.