Jesus christ i don’t think Full Throttle could have gone better. Throughout what we saw on the Friday and Saturday before we played we were starting to get anxious as to how well it would go. In the hour before we got up to play, people started appearing and telling me they’d caught me last year on the acoustic stage, and were looking forward to it. During our quick line test before playing, a group formed in the tent to listen. We did a verse and chorus of The Replacement, and then retreated to wait for our set time to start. People didn’t leave.

Finally we got up, played what might have been our best constructed set for a new audience. More people arrived during our opening sinners, and by the time we got to Daddy fought the law in 3rd place, we had smiles, sing a longs and some dancing. I think our audience peaked around 80 to 100 folk, which might not have been the highest of the weekend, but it was the best kind of audience. Attentive, appreciated and made us feel like a million pounds.

There are so many folk to thank for helping us get to Full Throttle, not least of all Glen from The Steady Boys for booking us (and being very patient with us). However, the biggest thanks from me goes to Tim who stepped up at the last minute to drive us down. Its a very special type of person who will chose to spend a weekend with a bunch of strangers when they are in need. Friends for life i’d say. Also, cheers to Roscoe Vacant who drove the other half of the band down and who did a jaw dropping set through the saturday, with Woody on drums. It was something special. And, of course, thanks to my band for coming along with me.

Indeed, memories are made of things like this.

Cut up to ribbons and taught how to drive

I’m still trying to work out how it went yesterday. I’m pretty sure I had a bit of fun, and that I enjoyed chatting with friends who came along. And the bus ride was alright too. I just think that I’m not cut up to being a busker, and the Barras market is perhaps not the place to learn this. Ah well, Oxjam raised a bit of money which is what it was all about.

Trying to form some kind of action plan for the next few months. I’ve had a couple emails through from some fantastic acts who are coming to Scotland to tour. The only date I have confirmed at the moment is the 19th of October with Evan Greer. Yup, he who wrote I Want Something. This has been a hell of a long time coming, so if you do anything while reading this blog, please put it in your diary. I haven’t got a venue booked just yet, but hopefully by the end of the week. I’m not sure what form the gig will take, but I do know that it will be utterly amazing even if only Evan Greer plays.

As for the present, the band and I are playing with Gecko on Wednesday at the 13th Note. I think this will be a vastly reduced renegade folk punk band show, and even be another one of the ‘me-on-electric-guitar’ themed ones.

From looking at the diary, it’s the last Glasgow show till the Evan Greer one (if we even play that one), so if you want to hear our songs, come along and give it a good send-off. We’ll be main support and on around 10pm and it’s £4 on the door. Then it’s Full Throttle Festival on Saturday, we’re on the main stage at 5.30pm.

Doon the Barras, for real!

I played last night at Tonic in Dundee, it was pretty good fun. Your typical pub-does-acoustic-night affair. Went on stage around 10pm after watching Spain with the world cup (which was good) and played a mix of songs. For the first time in ages I tried Midnight Walks, it felt good, so perhaps I’ll start playing it more. I’ve also been booked to play at Tonic again on the 15th of August, I’ll maybe speak with my band about perhaps bringing them along.
I posted on twitter and Facebook last night that I am playing The Barras on Saturday. Well, I am not lying. As part of Oxjam’s fundraising activities for the Takeover in October (as yet, I don’t know if I’m playing as part of this) I’ll be spending some time playing some songs at The Barras market. The historic, and number one of my goals before I die to play, gig venue is The Barrowland Ballroom
Pedantics aside, if you want to come along and make this more of a gig, please feel free. I’ll keep people up to date through twitter and facebook as to where and when my spot will be, in my head I’d love it if it was a wee group of us all having fun in between bemused bargain hunters buying sports socks (two for a pound). Would make a good video.Does anyone have a camcorder?
Other than that, the next gig that I will be playing with the band is Wednesday 21st of July at 13th Note supporting the sublime Gecko from Bristol. Then we’re off to Full Throttle Festival in Durham where we’ll be on the main stage on Saturday 25th July at 5.30pm, I’ve heard this is almost sold out, so check the website if you are still wanting tickets.

Maggies Music Festival!

We’re playing a special show tomorrow (Friday 2nd July) in Dundee! It’s at Deacon Brodies and part of the Maggie’s Fest fundraiser for the Maggie Centre at Ninewells Hospital. The line-up for the band is slightly reduced since Kenny is unable to attend due to prior commitments laying down some noise on tape for his band Carnivores. So, I’ll be ditching the acoustic guitar in favour of my old blue electric and we will be on stage at 9pm. It’s also free entry (buckets to collect your spare change for charity).

In other news, I’ve came up with a wee mobile version of this site for people who attend gigs. You can access it by going to, or, and this is cool in my eyes, by scanning the 2D barcode next to this blog post with your phone’s barcode scanning app. I also plan on getting wee stickers made up with just the barcode on it in order to see how many folk end up at the site through curiosity. Let me know what you think of it.

Awesome, I’m in a good mood. It’s quite nice.