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I’m having a really relaxing weekend after quite a fun and eventful week. I’ve been hard rehearsing for the upcoming gigs, all are going to be different due to their different setups. The next one is 26th June at Manna Cafe in Newport, and this is going to be completely unplugged. I’ll only be playing a couple of songs as is the form of the night. The next day (Sunday 27th June) I’m at the Failford Inn in Mauchline, which is a wee town outside Kilmarnock. I’ll have Rachael with me to provide extra vocals, and we’ve got a very special cover lined up for it, can’t wait.

I’ve also been looking at merchandise ideas, and thanks to Gill from Yer Maw, I came across MySoti. I don’t know if anyone would actually buy this T-Shirt, but I thought it would be nice to give folk the option if they felt so inclined.

Renegade Star tee by DaveHughes. Available from
I think it looks pretty nice and at somepoint in the future I’ll get a batch made up for selling at gigs. If you can’t wait till that happens, or live miles and miles away from anywhere I’m playing, feel free to get it from here. I guarantee that you’ll be the first in your circle of friends!


I received an email yesterday to say that the Kilmarnock Council has decided to scrap the music portion of the Cultural Diversity ralley. No real explanation was given so we’re not entirely sure what happened.

This means my next gig is 26th of June at the Manna Cafe in Newport, just across the Tay from Dundee. It’s an all acoustic affair, and sounds like it will be like the old TransEurope Cafe shows I used to do. If you are free, come along!

I can also announce that the band and I have been booked to support Gecko at the 13th Note on the 21st of July. This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, and also our only Glasgow show for a good wee while. Four quid entry, which you can’t complain about.

Not a bad start to my life as Dr. Dave :)

Sneaking up

I’m currently taking a wee break from revision for my Phd examination on Tuesday. To try and take my mind off the impending doom, stress and commiseration, I’ve picked up the guitar a wee bit, answered some emails and received one phone call. All in all, this means that June and July have suddenly gotten quite a bit busier.

I moved to Dundee from Glasgow in September of last year, and since then I haven’t played in Dundee. The band and I were supposed to have a gig up there back in March, but for a few reasons it fell apart at the very last minute. Hopefully these dates below will make up for this.

  • Saturday 19th June – Cultural Diversity Rally against the Racist SDL, Kilmarnock Howard Park, on stage 1.15pm.
  • Saturday 26th June – New Portsound, Manna Cafe, Newport (Dundee, not Wales), very limited tickets, leave a comment to get some.
  • Sunday 27th June – Failside Inn, Mauchline, with Junkmans Choir for Scottish Cancer Support
  • Friday 2nd July – Maggies Cancer Charity festival, full band slot, venue TBC, Dundee
  • Saturday 3rd July – Maggies Cancer Charity, solo slot venue TBC, Dundee
  • Sunday 4th July – Maggies Cancer Charity, solo slot venue TBC, Dundee
  • Sunday 11th July – Tonic Cafe, Dundee (free entry)
  • Saturday 24th July – Full THrottle Festival (Full band main stage), County Durham

The gig I’m playing on the 19th of June is also my first appearance at a rally as a musical act. I’m equally excited and terrified at the prospect, I’m usually the first to agree that my music isn’t really for a general audience. If the weathers nice, then I could possibly be playing to a huge number of new ears, which makes me very nervous. What songs to play? original stuff?, covers?, a raucous set?, a quiet set? So many questions.

It’s a very important event in order to show a united front against the racist SDL who are planning a demo in Kilmarnock on the same day. If you can get down to Kilmarnock on the 19th, please do, and come along to the march and rally. It kicks off at 11am, and I’ll be onstage at 1.15pm.

And of course, if you want to add to my gig calendar, feel free to drop me an email and we can work something out. I’m really interested in playing in different towns and villages that I haven’t been to before.