So it’s Fairwell, FAIRWELL!

I think I’ve finally managed to get over my post-tour hangover. Took it’s bloody time to get going, settle and leave! Apparently there’s quite a longish tour diary video thing coming soon, Adam is currently editing down the many hours of footage he recorded. I don’t envy him at all.

I’ve not really got much booked for the moment, which feels a bit strange, but also quite nice.We’ve started talking about the new album that we hope to get recorded by the end of July, with a whole bunch of new material. It’ll be a much more folky affair than previously, but hopefully you’ll still like it.

The only live dates that I’ve got booked at the moment is Friday 9th of April at The Classic Grand, supporting the wonderful Ricky Warwick, and then July 15th at St Andrews in The Square. This is a fundraiser for the Britannia Panopticon on Argylle Street, and also the first time I’ve been booked to play a set for the world famous Star Folk Club.

As there seems to be a big absence in live shows between April and July (a short tour is planned in May), I’m thinking of having a big blow out after the Classic Grand. They do drinks for a pound at the Club night. If you fancy coming along, I’ve got cheap tickets (face value is a tenner, so it’s cheaper than that!) that I can sell you. Just email me, and we’ll work it out. It’s going to be my biggest Glasgow show up until this point! Jud and I have a killer setlist planned for this, so it won’t be one to be missed!

Fairwell, FAIRWELL!

Edit: My old drummer Puggs sent me an email on Sunday night asking if I was still supporting The Lawrence Arms. I had no idea what he was on about until he produced a photo of a flyer for their Cathouse date with me listed as support. Suffice to say, I am not on the bill. As far as I know it is Taking Chase who are providing local support. 
The only dealings I’ve had with TripleG, who are putting on the show, was when we were booked to open for Fake Problems, so I’m thinking that this is a glitch left over from then. I’ve had no email contact with them to get the full story though. Had I been booked for that gig you would have heard about it a hell of a lot!

Post Tour Blues

I’m currently about to leave my flat to go to work after a week off. In this week I had the most amazing time on the road with Adam Boucher and the Dead Set (with the wonderful Jud Harron along to help me out!). We played some truly brilliant gigs, got fucked over in Hereford, became strong friends, and spotted a dubious car number plate.
I’ll write up a fuller account of what happened soon, I should have really been taking notes as I’m sure I will have forgotten stuff. Also, I expect there to be a lot of videos to come out of it courtesy of Mr. Boucher. We watched the Newcastle show video in the van, and I’m thinking it could be a new bit of merch at future shows.
The next gigs we’re doing are:

  • 19th March – Club Kage, Dundee (NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE)
  • 21st March – 13th Note, Glasgow, with Chris T-T and Le Reno Amps

On fire at the moment, so best go.