Recognising Chester Bennington

I’m back home now after an amazing weekend of driving down then up the country playing gigs to people who were actually listening and enjoying the night, and then getting some cash for my efforts. In other words, a perfect weekend for an unsigned¬†troubadour¬†much like myself.

Major thanks to Alt Track in Bradford who stepped in at the last moment to get me on the bill for their show at Bar Zuu in Bradford. It was a really great night, with amazing bands playing. Captain Hotknives was playing, and after listening to his music for around 2 years, it was amazing to actually see him live. I still wouldn’t let him marry our Denise though, what would the kids be like?

The third band of the night was a side-project, but it was utterly fantastic. They were called Foxes Faux, and contained a bazookie, 12 string guitar, an astonishing violinist, djembe, bassist and mandolin player. The songs were impressively written and the musicianship second to none. Finally, Alt-Track played to close the night with their punk rock electronica style of music. Really well done with great lyrics, including a show stopping accapella rap to end it.

The night ended with a wee drive from Bradford to Huddersfield where my good friend James ‘Bar’ Bowen gave me a bed for the night, and an awesome breakfast to get me going the next day for my drive to Cardiff.

I arrived at Cardiff around 6pm and found the flat I was playing at in the evening. It was a friend of mine named Chris’s 21st Birthday, and he had invited me to play as part of a house gig alongside Ben Marwood. The night was horrendously fun, and perhaps one of the best house parties I’ve played. Daddy fought the law finally felt fun again.

Finally it was an 11 hour drive back to Dundee, but oh so fucking worth it.

On the road again, paying my back taxes

If only I could pay my taxes with playing shows! Anyways, this weekend has a couple of gigs which will both be awesome:

  • Friday 20th November – Bar Zuu, Bradford with Sounds of Swami and Alt-Track, 7.30pm, Free
  • Saturday 21st November – Chip’s Flat, Treforrest, with Ben Marwood
The next gig after these two is The Vale bar where we’ll be recording our live EP thing. Full details over at the facebook page.

To cap it all off

Small update to say I’ll be playing a solo show at Capitol in Glasgow on Sunday night. Roscoe Vacant is also playing, which is always a pleasure!

Perhaps come along? It’s only ¬£3 entry and it’s a birthday celebration for John from Firestorm who turns 21. I’ll also be playing a new song.

Onwards, punk rock soldiers.

I don’t know if there needed to be an announcement or anything, but I felt like checking out the new backend of the blog again.

Yesterday I asked Woody to join the band permanently as the drummer. I’ve spoke in length with Puggs about it, and we both agreed that this was for the best. Puggs’s only reservation was that this was getting all a bit to “Behind the music”, with amicable splits etc followed by a “HE KICKED ME OUT THE FUCKING BAND” statement.

So yeah, now you know. Have a video of the band and Woody in action:


Sadly, not the film from the early nineties with a supple Angelina Jolie. More that due to some cretins from behind the curtain of the internet, my website was a full scale spam server. I won’t go in to full details, but suffice to say I’ve lost all my previous blog posts going back to March 2006, including a couple of tour diaries and many more memories.
Therefore, I am currently trying to salvage what ever posts were syndicated to other places. If you have a blog that unexpectantly gets a ping back for a post that’s already received one, well, I’m sorry :)